Meet the Visionary Vanguard

An old RCMP shack

Allow me to introduce you to Marla Limousin, Senior Administrative Officer for the Municipality of Cambridge Bay.

Marla has worked in the arctic regions within Inuit communities for 37 years.  Her administrative position sees her in charge of the functional working parts of the municipality as a landscaper, architect, visionary and vanguard in the development and progression of the community aesthetically and socially.  Marla skilfully finds the spirit of a place and implements projects that will enhance pride within the community and have a return on their investment. In this instance it is to create a seasonal centre for cultural shows and a meeting space for visitors to gather and get a glimpse of times past within the heritage shacks and insight of the local youth through interpretive panels on the planned walkway.

Kerry and I were ecstatic to have been contacted by Marla to create her vision of a life-sized muskox sculpture, in true Kastawayz style, to decorate the center of the park in conjunction with teaching 9 young local lads what is involved within this creative process.  They learned welding basics and got lots of practice on the muskox body.  They learnt how to cut and reuse old discarded metal and create beautiful designs of their own.  The magnificent muskox was completed at end of March and all involved excitedly await his unveiling on July 1st!

Marla has some outstanding artistic talent herself which I saw when I visited with her.  She loves, loves, loves Ravens and has created a series of raven themed sculptures such as the one pictured below, simply beautiful and clever just like a raven!  I was also awestruck by her faces and characters that she creates from clay (as pictured below).  Faces are no easy feat and hers are simply amazing, so much personality and expression in each, all with their own little story – this woman is inspiring and multi-talented!!