Nov 2017 – The Gifts


Because Kerry is Kerry, he set about in his spare minutes and hours creating something that at first was a mystery.   He wouldn’t divulge to me what he was up to which was frustrating as I’m a spoiler of magic and just want to work out how the trick is done instead of just relaxing and enjoying the magic!

As the frame took shape and gained strong shoulders, hefty claws, a cute face, fur that somewhat resembled the muskox but was predominantly a golden brown…aha…I have it ..’its a spirit bear’ – yes – the Kermode bear, BC’s official provincial mammal.

Kerry really wanted to create a gift that represented us and our area for the Inuit people of Cambridge Bay.  A thank you for allowing us to come to the top of the world and experience the Arctic with its beauty, harsh climate and all.  We took it to the Cambridge Bay Hamlet and felt quite honoured to have it replace the amazing wolf pelt in the centre of the council chambers to sit in with them.  Not sure if this is his final resting place but either way we are happy.

Another sculpture that we wanted to add into the Park was the Raven.  For us the Raven represents the connection that led Marla to find us for her project in the first instance.  Call it fate, coincidence, luck but when Marla was in the early stages of putting together her vision for the Heritage Park and how she wanted sculptures to look she did a random Google image search of metal art to find a picture that matched her vision.  Marla absolutely loves ravens and they are an image that features prominently in her BC Natures Way Organic Farm, which grows blueberries, flowers, seasonal veges, fruit wines and delicious ciders.  Below is the image that appeared amongst the google feed:

I realise that this may sound a little far fetched, but true story – Marla printed this image out and taped it onto her ‘vision wall’ in her office at the Cambridge Bay Hamlet, she then searched to find the artist linked to image and found out it was us, Kastawayz Art.  Simultaneously, less than one month prior, we had this raven with us at the Filberg Festival in July 2016 and George (Marla’s husband) bought this raven from us as a surprise gift for Marla’s birthday…. when she phoned us about the raven and to ask if we would like to be a part of her vision I honestly feel it was just meant to be, all those stars aligned, and no, I did not spoil her birthday surprise as she still had not been home, that was hard!!

So here is our offering in its skeletal stage to be completed and popped in a cool spot in the park that acknowledges the wonder of stars and how sometimes they magically align to make a bigger vision come together. Wait till you see the finished product, its slammin!!