Intro Day


The bunny…

Boys chasing the bunny!


Today was our introductory day – we had 7 boys to start and they were ready and eager which is great!  We are still waiting on safety gear to arrive but we had some field trips planned and patterns to make so that filled the day nicely!

Took a trip up to the c-can at the scrap yard to collect some pieces that the boys felt would work well for our musk ox sculpture.  We walked over to the planned site to check out some rocks that could be used for mounting our piece on.  Saw a super fluffy cute arctic bunny which boys wanted to catch for its fur, bunny escaped this time much to my relief!  We also took a trip out to the airport and checked out the resident stuffed muskox, took some measurements so we can scale it out….all in all it was a busy day, loads of fun, boys are cool and its funny how no matter the country or the climate essentially boys are boys, thankful that we have raised 3 already with many in our families, makes it feel like home.  Looking forward to introducing you all to each of them over next few weeks.