Attima the Amazing!!!


Meet Attima and Elizabeth Hadlari.  Attima was born and raised in an igloo on the Boothia Peninsula near Taloyoak, Nunavut until he was 14, he is a survivalist expert, master hunter of caribou, seal, whale and fish and he is truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Attimas wife, Elizabeth, has been helping us out in the workshop with the boys each day and on Tuesday our boxes had still not arrived so instead we planned a chill day with Attima at our digs.

Attima showed the boys some traditional indoor sport games, rope games, card games, magic tricks, his hunting spear for seal and whales and the knives that he uses to make an igloo….I kid you not, this man has an unlimited wealth of knowledge and experience of this land, climate and everything in between that just keeps you entranced!!

Now I can barely contain my excitement because he has promised us that we will have a ‘build an igloo day’ and he will also show us how to build a one man emergency snow shelter 😮.    I’m finding it hard to sleep in anticipation…its like a bucket list item that one would never imagine fulfilling.  My Dad would be in heaven up here hanging out with Attima (I showed Attima a photo of him so that he will not be suprised if he knocks on his door one day, lol!)

Roll on perfect snow day – boys are stoked and our chill day was a success!!!