Whirlwind Wednesday

Brandons fish

Daryls fish


Wow, what a day we had on Wednesday!  Boys were on fire and work ready.  We had constructed our muskox skeleton the night before so there was alot of patching work to do on the pipe frame to ensure that we have plenty of area to weld the substantial amount of hair this animal has to his frame.  Remember armchair critics that this is our artistic interpretation using unique recycled materials and whilst watching it develop is an interesting process the end result will bring it all together!

We have been really impressed with all the boys efforts and enthusiasm, they got at least 1-2 fish cut out and finished.  Its great to see their own styles come out in their fish.  Brandons first ever fish that he cut is pictured above.  He thought it was no good but it is actually awesome, especially for a first cut – it really stood out amongst the other designs.

Daryls fish is also pictured above, his first fish was shaky which is normal, however, he went straight back out and drew up another design using the fishbone pattern on the inside and cut it out like a pro!!  Great work boys.