Funky Friday

Meet three of our nine boys involved in the Muskox Project.


On the left we have Michael (nicknamed Big Mike), he is 14 years old and his Inuinnaqtun name is Hakok.  It is pretty hard to squeeze info out of these chaps but Big Mike told me he has 2 brothers, he loves to hunt, I know he played basketball before he got to workshop today but other than that he is pretty quiet.  If you have looked at images on our Facebook page you will see a picture of him with his ear plugs up his nose…they say you have to watch the quiet ones..hmmmm, lol!

In the centre we have Keenan.  He is the eldest in our group at 18 and his Inuinnaqtun name is Kaitak.  He has many brothers and sisters, I lost count after 7 however Keenan is our resident joker who likes to laugh and play tricks, its quite possible he’s pulling my leg about exactly how many siblings he has but its all good fun.  Keenan loves to free ride on his skidoo and he also loves to hunt caribou and muskox.

To the right we have Bradley who is 15 and his Inuinnaqtun name is Alonak. B-Rad is his nickname and he has 3 sisters and 1 brother.   B-Rad absolutely loves working on quads and skidoos.  He built himself a little workshop beside his house so he can take out the motors and change them up and fix them.  He has a quiet disposition but is very easy to talk to and has cut some awesome pieces.

You will get to meet the other six in two groups of three on Monday and Tuesdays blog when they are all back in the shop.  We have decided to take weekend out to move ahead on our sculpture and get some prep work done for the skidoo side project that we started with boys today, check out the pics below, they were all over that old skidoo takin it to pieces…watch that space, it will be interesting!!

Me (Amanda) with Keenan and Bradley trying to get info out of them while they wanna just take a selfie!