The Energiser Bunnies!!


Thursdays blog heading says it all….. these boys just keep goin and goin and goin!  They have really settled into a very steady flow from station to station drawing out their own patterns, cutting, grinding, sanding and welding.  They have finished many pieces each and some of the boys have even sold them – great job!  The handsome raven pictured above is Bradleys.

On occasion when I pop out of the workshop to go to the office I happen upon the beautiful sunrise, yes its cold but it sure makes you feel happy with sun and clear skies like that.  Sunsets are just as pretty!!

Another piece of exciting news for the day – we donated three salmon, all different colours, to the Hamlet for the Kitikmeot Trade Show Banquet and Auction.  Together they raised $2300 which will go to the Mayors Youth Advisory Council who are presently attending a Leadership workshop with Recreation and Parks Assoc. of Nunavut in Yellowknife.  Upon their return they will be working on a plan for Youth for 2017.  The boys were really happy to hear this news!