Happy Smiling Faces

Meet three more of our awesome young men!   Pictured from Left to Right:  Robert, Daryl, Andrew

First up is Robert.  He is 16 years old and has one younger brother….Daryl.   Roberts Inuinnaqtun name is Hakayak and he loves to hunt and eat caribou, play road hockey and school gym class.  What I know about Robert is that he is a natural welder, has great tool skills and an excellent initiative.  I have an awesome picture of him with a machete style knife he whipped up one afternoon out of some conduit pipe to keep himself busy – promise I’ll add it to post when I find it!!

Found It!!!

Meet Daryl.  He is 15 years old and the younger brother of Robert.  His Inuinnaqtun name is Kabloonak.  Daryl has a cat called Simba and when asked what class he likes at school he said Math, two thumbs up for that, definately not my fave when I was at school 😕  One thing I know for sure is that this young man seriously has the patience of a saint!  He is very punctual and efficient and super quiet, but when he smiles it lights up the room (pretty sure he has his own headshot on Instagram)!

Then we have Andrew.  He is our youngest student at 13 but he is fearless and always steps up to try things first!  Andrew has many siblings (his elder brother John is also in our group).  His Inuinnaqtun name is Kaggauk.  Andrew enjoys playing basketball and his XBox360 game ‘Black Ops’.  I have attached a picture below of his final two creations which he drew out in a flash and had them cut out and welded in less than an hour.  Love that he made a little muskox!!