Traditional Dinner

Last Friday we were invited by Attima & Elizabeth to share in a traditional dinner!  We felt privileged to be asked and it was another wonderful evening!

When we arrived the cardboard was down with a spread of fish and meats commonly eaten by everyone that lives here.  It is important to remember that every part of each animal is utilised to the fullest extent and there is no waste.  Our menu consisted of a beautiful piece of frozen raw Caribou, a whole frozen Arctic Char and some pieces of raw and cooked Narwhal.  Soy sauce and wasabi for dipping, and the all important perfect cutting tool, the Ulu!!

The Char definately had similar flavors to salmon, the caribou warms you from the inside out and is rich and tasty, the narwhal skin is a very chewy delicacy called ‘muktuk’ and an excellent source of Vitamin C.   Whilst I personally only tried the cooked narwhal and the caribou vegetable soup on the side, Kerry thoroughly enjoyed everything!!  (Cleanup is a dream when you have a cardboard platter)

We then had a nice cup of tea and looked at their beautiful collection of carvings in their curios cabinet, some of which are pictured above.


Thanks Attima and Elizabeth for sharing with us 😁