Meet The Blogger

I am Amanda Illerbrun, wife of Kerry Illerbrun, and one half of Kastawayz Art!  I am 45 years old, been married to Kerry for 26 years and am proud mother to our three sons, Wyatt (23), James (21) and Joshua (19).

I am the official blogger for our Kastawayz News Page on our website and I have to say that blogging is a lot of fun!  Kastawayz Art was created by Kerry and I nearly 20 years ago.  Whilst there is no doubt that the artistic style, essence and creation of our art is undertaken by Kerry, my role encapsulates every other area of what it takes to make a living from your art.  I seek out our materials in scrap yards and thrift stores, organise stock/orders for galleries and outlets, do all paperwork and taxes, show/festival applications, complete the finishing on our pieces, communicate with everybody, tend to all social media, collaborate ideas and I can cut and weld (plus I work another job 4 days a week) 😳.

The best description I have ever heard as to what role I play in our business and in life was when I was having this conversation with my youngest son Joshua and he said ‘Mumma, you are like the glue that holds everything together, without you we’d all fall apart’ – bless his heart 💜  thats it in a nutshell!!