Lucky Lasts!


Meet the last young men in our group.  The two photographed together are Brandon (L) and John (R), individual pic is Tyler.

Brandon is 15 years old and he has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  His Inuinnaqtun name is Utuk and he likes to hunt and hang out with his friend Bradley in his workshop.  Brandon is very much the strong silent type of young man.  He doesn’t always have a lot to say but he is focused and works hard.  His drive and determination with the skidoo project was what enabled it to be completed in literally two and a half days, he should be very proud of himself!!  Here he is taking it for a spin, lol!

John is also 15 years old and the older brother of Andrew in our group.  He comes from a very large family and his Inuinnaqtun name is Kungaunga.  John has a sporty physique and he loves to play street hockey, basketball and street ball.  He also likes walking and hunting caribou.  John has a great sense of humour and a calm ease in his demeanour that is always comfortable to be around.  Below is John trying out the drivers seat!

Tyler is 16 years old and his Inuinnaqtun name is Katiak.  He has 7 brothers and 2 sisters.  Tyler loves basketball!  The first thing he wrote on his welding shirt to make it his own was the Raptors, he also plays basketball and is goalie in hockey!!

I have attached a pic of Tyler with his beautiful owl that he drew and cut out in the space of like 30 minutes, great to see him create his own idea and make it happen!