Side Projects/Installations

Monday and Tuesday were spent finishing up our side project of the skidoo rod.  This was an idea Kerry had to tweak the lads interest and imagination in creating a cool fixture that one could pose with for a selfie.  It is intended to take position out front of their workshop amongst the new Heritage Park and it can be modified or added to at any stage if they wish to do so.

They really had a fun time putting this together and were so happy to take it outside and get their picture taken with it.  Many people thought that it actually worked, which would be awesome, however that would require more than 2 days!!   Could definately be a future plan for them if they wish??

We then completed two extra installations for the park out of a large curled piece of steel found in the scrap yard.  From this we created the leaping pair of Char from the wavy water and a cute owl to watch over the area.  Keenan is pictured above with each of these pieces.

Wednesdays plan is to have a clean up day in the workshop and take back left over metal to scrap yard then give whole working area a big sweep.  I know we are all excited about this😉