Walking on Water

Love the patterns the snow drifts make!

Elizabeth and I

Looking back to Cambridge Bay from the opposite shore

The Bay surface!

Little inukshuk

Went for an early afternoon walk with Elizabeth and her dogs across the bay on Thursday!!   What an awesome experience to walk over the frozen water all the way to the other side and then look back at the little town.  Elizabeth felt it would help me gain a better sense of direction, as I was getting confused sometimes, and I do believe it helped enormously.

It’s an unusual feeling to stand out in the middle of an ocean bay and see the frozen surface of it under the layer of snow.  It also sounds different to me when you are walking on it as opposed to the land?  So many new experiences to be had up here and I am loving every minute of it!!

As we reached the other side, there was a scattered mound of rocks on a little hill which the inukshuk stood at the top of, looking back to Cambridge Bay.  A waterside cabin was further along the shore in the distance and the buried boat was picturesque.

Elizabeth is simply the best company ever and I love spending time with her.  She is an extremely knowledgeable and talented woman. Originally of Dutch descent, Elizabeth is fluent in five languages, has raised three successful sons and lived in Cambridge Bay for 30 years.  She has written and illustrated three educational books which teach basic language patterns of the Inuit language (Inuktut) to children, is a talented artist in acrylic and oils and creates beautiful jewellery.  Elizabeth has had some absolutely amazing life experiences – between her and her husband Attima they really should write a book, there really is that much to tell!!