Iglu Heaven!!

Inside the Iglu

I don’t think its possible to have too many iglu pics…..lol!!

So Friday finally rolled around and that meant iglu building after lunch………hells yeah, I’m in!  Those that were available met at workshop at lunchtime and then we walked down to Attimas place and headed out across from his house (our warm emergency base for when anyone got too cold….like me!).

Attima and his cousin Arsene Sivarnertok, proceeded to check snow depth to ensure it was adequate for iglu blocks and base (required about a good two feet depth for this).  The snow pack was not perfect but Attima said it would work for what we intended, its not like we were going to live in it 😳 more like a playhouse/sleepout kind of idea 😀 that works!!

They then proceeded to mark out the shape of the iglu and Arsene and Attima used the snow knives to cut into the snow and then used a little handsaw to start cutting out blocks.  It was amazing to see the blocks come out and not fall apart like I would have expected, its so dry and compact I guess?  Arsene cut the blocks while Attima shaved and fitted them using his snow knife and mad skills!!  It started with an angled block and then spiralled and wound its way around all the way to the final brick – it looked much more complex as he got closer to the centre of completing the roof!!

Oh my hands were sooo super cold from taking lots of pics and video and my feet started to get cold from all the standing and watching!  I should have dug a hole like the boys did to keep me moving and then I could have sat in it!  I did reluctantly run back to the house to warm up for 10 minutes and then popped back out so I didnt miss too much!

The whole process took about two and a half hours.  Once the iglu was built, you then take a shovel and use it in the surrounding snow to make a kind of snow gravel which you heap around the base of the iglu and scoop it up on to the roof and around the sides to fill in the gaps.

Before I literally froze on the spot I crawled my way in to the igloo and just sat there, soaking it all in. It was so light inside and definitely warmer than out.  Its a shame I did not think to source myself a seal oil lamp and a nice caribou hide so I could have warmed up my space and sat for a while longer, it was tranquil and surreal!!  I have posted a few video clips on Facebook and Instagram for viewing, I apologise in advance for my heavy breathing inside the iglu, I was so cold and had my gloves off again to capture the experience, seriously, if I had ended up losing a finger I would have no regrets!  Jogged my way back to the house and still have all my fingers and toes, yess, success!!!!