Progression of the Muskox – Part One

The images below illustrate what was achieved during our first two week visit up North.

The header picture is the raw starting point to get a feel for shape and positioning.  All the limbs and skeletal structure of the muskox were created from exhaust pipes, we then cut shipping container siding into strips that were welded in place to give him more shape and to be utilised for attaching all his layers of shaggy hair!

Thick steel chunks were pieced together for his skull and horns.  The boys were able to pratice their welding on the numerous patches that covered every joint and angle to help strengthen the frame.

On the second to last day Kerry was perfecting the angle of the head and it was necessary to cut it off for repositioning, quite a thing to witness after so much work and then, chop…. thankfully Keenan was there to hold his heavy head in just the right position whilst Kerry reattached it and ‘voila’ the perfect angle…. he’s alive!!!!!

Amazingly, this was achieved amongst teaching 9 young men about using hand tools, welding, plasma cutting, making a rat rod skidoo bike and helping them to create and finish their own shapes.  Very happy to report that everyone still has all their fingers and toes and no one lost an eye – success!!!



Took a chunk out, but it wasn’t enough…off with his head!!

Keenan holding up muskox head after we chopped it off!