Lets Rewind…..

As the title suggests, lets rewind and read about our project from the beginning!

When we first jumped at the opportunity to create this sculpture in September 2016, our original vision was that of a life size muskox standing atop of a large rock, defiant, strong and proud, representing the Inuit people.
 Ideally there would be three wolves – one directly threatening/challenging with the other two trailing, dispersed in the park.  These would represent the challenge to the Inuit culture and traditional way of life and be constructed in a fashion that would conceptualize those threats. This would be the puzzle for guests to ponder on what the threats are.
During the April visit, whilst Kerry worked on completing the muskox, Elisabeth and I worked with the young men to create a wolf pattern and showed them how to create scale to get the size you want.  We popped up to the high school art room and utilised the old fashioned but very effective overhead projector!  With the help of a clear transparency and a Sharpie outline we were able to magnify our pattern to life size, then once traced onto the roll of brown paper they cut it out and viola we had a pattern to work with!  We took this back to workshop and lay it on the floor then chalked the silhouette.  Kerry then proceeded to show them how to construct a frame which would then be used to start building out the dimension.
When creating art from old drums we often cut the lids off and then cut inside out leaving the metal ring.  These were the perfect shape to chop, weld and create wolf’s outline and curves.  You can see from the picture above how that looks (this was taken after the flat silhouette was propped up and the other side of his body was added on).
In my next blog I, will cover the ‘Evolution of Fred’ (pictured at top with Kerry and muskox) and how he got his name😊