The Evolution of Fred









So here is Fred – Kastawayz wolf created for the Heritage Park installation.  In April 2017 we had a little spare time on completion of the Muskox to flesh out an idea for one of the challenging wolves.

We were scouting the workshop for bits and bobs we could use to make this and thankfully Fred, the mechanic in the workshop, observed us scavenging about and quietly approached with a bucket full of old car and truck parts and asked if any of them would work…. ahhh, hell yes they would!!  Next thing you know Fred is finding all sorts of useful, oddly shaped parts and leaky hoses out of his bin – it was fantastic.  There was no doubt this wolf was going to go by any other name… thank you Fred!

Here is a picture of myself with our gracious workshop buddies who were patient, generous, ever-helpful and complete gentlemen!  We couldnt have done all we were able to accomplish without them and we are very grateful to have shared the experience with them for our first three visits North.  From L-R we have Larry, myself, Ron and Fred.  Thanks guys!

Right, back to Kastawayz wolf.   You will notice that the top two wolf pictures are quite different, this was the rough version of Fred tacked together a few days before we left.  When we returned in November we refined his look somewhat so that he conceptualized our interpretation of one challenge to the Muskox and the culture and tradition he represents.  It is up to the viewing public to speculate what that challenge may be…

On arrival back in Cambridge Bay this August we were very excited to see Fred mounted in place on his own rock in the Heritage Park.    A lot of landscaping has been completed through the summer with more progress expected to happen whilst we are here.  There is a vacant rock to left of Fred awaiting the new wolf that we have been working on with the boys – objective is to have this finished and in place before we depart!!