Nov 2017 – Meet Andrew and Co

Meet our newest recruit, Andrew Kitigon.  Andrew is 16 years old and is a good friend of Keenan Allukpik who is the eldest of our group and been with us since the beginning.  Keenan thought Andrew would be a good fit for our team and wow, after one day we were in total agreement and most impressed with this young mans talents!

Andrew is full of ideas and creativity and it would seem has been waiting for an opportunity like this to open the floodgates and get as many of them out as possible!  We got the boys to familiarize themselves with the plasma cutting process and practice making their own things from some new patterns that we brought up with us.  Andrew grabbed the Caribou, cut it out of drum lid and then grabbed some wire mesh and told me how he wanted to attach it to the background – lets make that happen!  I found some welding wire that is a nice copper colour and we basically used it to sew the mesh onto the back of the frame.  It made for such a great effect and was something new and different so it was a seamless fit for us all.

L-R – Daryl Haynes, Mike Haniliak, Andrew Kitigon, Keenan Allukpik

Andrew then proceeded to create his own pattern, the Peregrine Falcon… I was like, the whatta whatta… I had to google it.  He drew it out and it came out beautifully, he ground off the paint for the sun and rays, just fantastic.  Cant believe what a great start all of the boys had with their creations when they have only collectively had about 3 weeks using these tools, or should I say sharing the one plasma cutter and one welder amongst them all – awesome, awesome, awesome.

L-R – Andrew Anivilok, Robert Haynes

à L-R – Andrew Kitigon, Daryl Haynes, Kerry Illerbrun, Keenan Allukpik, Mike Haniliak