Nov 2017 – Wolf #2 Part One


Its November 2017 and we winged our way back to Cambridge Bay to continue on with boys wolf sculpture, finish up our wolf Fred and work on a few side projects (just because).

From our original 9 young men, there have been a few changes, some of the boys have had sport and school take priority and that is absolutely fine and encouraged!  We have five originals and Keenan brought a new young man with him named Andrew Kitigon and he has been an amazing fit to form our six strong group who are making awesome progress and enjoying themselves.

In this first part of wolf construction you see the 3D steel sctructure that boys tacked together from the blown up silhouette.  They predominantly worked on this with Elisabeth and myself to construct a shape of their own and see where it goes.  They decided that they wanted their wolf to be more akin to what they are used to seeing up here and that was a fitting decision. Kerry kept a watchful eye as it unfolded but really wanted them to take it as far as they could on their own.

They started layering their wolf with strapping to see how far they could coat him before our time was up – 2 weeks is so short and we cram in all kinds of creating in conjunction with the larger sculptures so it most definitely got to about the halfway point by time we left.  Boys were pleased with their progress and got a lot of welding practice in thats for sure!

Here are some progress pictures..