Nov 2017 – The Gift



Because an artists mind never seems to rest, Kerry chopped and welded away at a frame in his spare time that had us all stumped at first.  He wouldn’t tell us what it was, and he is well attuned to my sly questioning tactics, so we just had to quietly and patiently eye the progress until we could figure it out.

As the frame started to take shape and gained strong shoulders, hefty claws, a cute face and fur similar to that of the muskox but predominantly golden brown…. ‘ooh I know, its a spirit bear’ – BC’s official provincial mammal, the Kermode bear.  Correct.

Kerry really wanted to create and contribute a sculpture that represented our province for the town of Cambridge Bay.  A thank you for allowing us to come to the top of the world and experience the Arctic with its beauty, harsh climate and all!  Now, whenever our spirit bear is spied in his resting spot it will be like a little carving of our initials to say “We Were Here”.