Sep 2018 – A Day In the Park

Today was the day we had arranged to get out into the heritage park and install our beloved wolf onto his rock.

The weather was not optimal with a cold wind and overcast skies, however, rain and snow was forecast for every other available day so it was now or never!

We all wandered down to the park and everyone had a nice relaxed vibe.  It made a nice change to be unmasked and out in the fresh air beside the waters edge, free from the confines of the workshop.  Our mission (already accepted) is to get our wolf in place, add a few under-neck pieces to muskox, tidy/level up Fred’s paws and install the ravens nest on his pole.

We watched the loader bring our wolf down the road, swinging in the wind, provided some great theater and excitement to our experience. The chaps set about chopping up some pieces of rusty steel that we could use to artistically level the wolfs paws on the rock and then weld onto rebar set into predrilled holes.  They all got to try out the stick welder (great practice with something new) and worked together very cohesively as a team, taking turns while one warmed up in the truck and switched around as necessary.  They helped Kerry with Freds tweaks and then cut larger chunks out of the old steel with gas torch to pop under muskox.  Their proficiency with the tools and equipment has progressed in leaps and bounds!

Kerry then drove the lift around the back and Attima helped him fix the raven onto the pole while we all gave thumbs up, down, left and right to help with levelling – that was interestingly amusing.

We got it all finished by around 2pm and then sat around our beautiful sculptures for a little bit to just enjoy them and reflect on our massive accomplishments together.  A little bit it was as we were pretty chilled to the bone and a bit hungry – it was decided that we deserved a slap-together lunch at our place with a nice hot cocoa, the couch and a movie.  All in all it was a truly wonderful day, probably my most favorite day of all – just beating out the iglu build day!